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  • Bergamo Alta

    Top 3 experiences for a one-day trip to Bergamo

    Bergamo is a city with two souls: a medieval stony heart on the top of a hill “Citta’ Alta” and an elegant modern city at the lower level. Here the top 3 experiences for your one-day trip to Bergamo. Remember also to check our suggestions on the drinks ? Some of the links in this post may be affiliate: if you purchase through them, we will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the website. Sightseeing tours If you have only a few hours in Bergamo, walking around the Citta’ Alta can be very pleasant and satisfying. Walking is really the best way to…


    Top 3 experiences for a one-day trip to Ascoli Piceno

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    Top 5 experiences for a one-day trip in Venice

    A one-day trip to Venice must not be enough time to experience everything that the city has to offer. Here 5 top experiences that will make you want to come again and get more. Remember also to check the best time to visit the city. Some of the links in this post may be affiliate: if you purchase through them, we will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the website. Sightseeing tours Most of the time if you have only a few hours in Venice, people prefer to lose themselves in the calli, walking up and down the bridges to get to Saint…

  • Venezia Redentore

    Best time to visit Venice

    What is the best time to visit Venice? It could depend on your personality as the city has many different faces and moods that are going to resonate with all the different personalities. So, potentially, every season could be a good time to enjoy sightseeing in Venice.One thing is sure: this city is unique in the world and a visit in a lifetime is worth, no matter the period of the year. While you are in Venice, make sure you experience the Aperitivo at the Bacari. Check also our guide of the drinks you can enjoy in Venice. Winter, the best time to visit Venice in a intimate way You…

  • Venezia Canal Grande

    Bacari and Cicchetti: the Aperitivo in Venezia at a fair price

    Bacari and Cicchetti are the true Aperitivo experience in Venezia. The first name refers to the place where people meet, the second one refers to the delicious bite-sized appetizers that are served with the drink. Venezia can’t be imagined: Venezia must be seen and lived!Probably nowhere else in the world has a patrimony of art, architecture, craftsmanship, history, and breathtaking views like you can find in the city in Veneto, in the North East of Italy. History of the city According to tradition, Venice formally came into existence at the stroke of noon on the 25th March, 421 A.D. while the Roman Empire was collapsing and the Barbarians were threatening…