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Best time to visit Venice

What is the best time to visit Venice? It could depend on your personality as the city has many different faces and moods that are going to resonate with all the different personalities. So, potentially, every season could be a good time to enjoy sightseeing in Venice.
One thing is sure: this city is unique in the world and a visit in a lifetime is worth, no matter the period of the year.

While you are in Venice, make sure you experience the Aperitivo at the Bacari. Check also our guide of the drinks you can enjoy in Venice.

Winter, the best time to visit Venice in a intimate way

You won’t be blessed by nice weather most of the days: being surrounded by canals, it will be cold, foggy, dump. It will be mellow, it will be less noisy, not silent but quieter. However, there are some interesting reasons why it can be a good time to visit Venice.

Enjoy Venezia when there are less tourists – Joshua Stannard (unsplash)

A gondola ride, for example, will probably be more romantic in winter, early Spring, or late Autumn, with less boat traffic on the canals, the water especially tranquil and blankets available to cuddle up in and ward off the chill.
Photographers would also have luck in winter: if your priority is to capture the essence of Venice, choosing to go in the late morning or early afternoon hours may be best, as crowds will be at a minimum and you’ll have plenty of light.
Last but not least, affordability is key: in the low season, Venice is surely less expensive.
One downside point may be Acqua Alta, the phenomenon in which the water levels rise in the city: boots will be your best friends in that case, while you could somehow enjoy walking on the temporary elevated paths that are built all over.

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