Anisette Cookies and Cakes

    Anisette cookies are a great way to enjoy the taste and the great benefits of the Anise, without compromising with alcohol in case you are sober curious. Anisette is such an amazing flavor: let’s try this cookies recipe. Health Benefit of Anise The green anise (Pimpinella anisum) is of extremely high quality in the Ascoli area, in the region of Marche, Italy. In fact, it benefits from the extraordinary local terroir, rich in clay, that enhances the aromaticity of the green anise, so much that in Ascoli this pimpinella anisum is two or three times more fragrant than the anise in other Mediterranean areas. So, for this reason, the Anisetta…


    Drinks to enjoy in Ascoli Piceno

    The wine Rosso Piceno, and the liquor Anisetta are two famous local drinks you can enjoy in Ascoli Piceno… Ready to order? Marche is a very interesting region, often underrated and not very well known… However, it has a great coastline and also some amazing wine appellation like Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC, and Serrapetrona DOC. Ascoli Piceno lies almost on the Southern border of the region, in the inland on the same latitude than San Benedetto del Tronto which is the sea town in the province. White wines There are 3 main white grape varieties that are cultivated around Ascoli Piceno (Trebbiano Toscano,…

  • positano vino

    Drink Italian Day: Celebrate the Italian Style on August 15

    We are proud to announce that Drink Italian Day will be celebrated every year on August 15. DrinkItalian is a love letter to all Italian made beverages. It was created by a group of passionate consumers and industry professionals who want to share the “La Dolce Vita” lifestyle around the world.   Italy is well known for its wine and vineyards, exporting abroad to countries around the world, most importantly the United States. Next to domestic wine, Americans love Italian wine more than any other. Italian wine is the most imported wine by volume in the USA (Data 2019: US Dept of Commerce).  Wine, however, is not the only Italian beverage…

  • Venezia Redentore

    Best time to visit Venice

    What is the best time to visit Venice? It could depend on your personality as the city has many different faces and moods that are going to resonate with all the different personalities. So, potentially, every season could be a good time to enjoy sightseeing in Venice.One thing is sure: this city is unique in the world and a visit in a lifetime is worth, no matter the period of the year. While you are in Venice, make sure you experience the Aperitivo at the Bacari. Check also our guide of the drinks you can enjoy in Venice. Winter, the best time to visit Venice in a intimate way You…

  • drink in Venice

    Drinks to enjoy in Venice

    Bellini, Spritz, Sgroppino are three of the most famous drinks you can enjoy in Venice (or should we call it Venezia?)…Ready to order? Venezia is one of the most amazing cities in the world. And Venetians shaped so much of Italian history with many travels and many books. While you are walking in the calle (the narrow streets along the canals) and you “exercise” by climbing bridges, a healthy thirst may occur 😉 Drinks to enjoy in Venice #1: Prosecco Is there still anybody out there who hasn’t heard of Prosecco? The export of this wine has skyrocketed in the past years and you can find it almost everywhere in…

  • Venezia Canal Grande

    Bacari and Cicchetti: the Aperitivo in Venezia at a fair price

    Bacari and Cicchetti are the true Aperitivo experience in Venezia. The first name refers to the place where people meet, the second one refers to the delicious bite-sized appetizers that are served with the drink. Venezia can’t be imagined: Venezia must be seen and lived!Probably nowhere else in the world has a patrimony of art, architecture, craftsmanship, history, and breathtaking views like you can find in the city in Veneto, in the North East of Italy. History of the city According to tradition, Venice formally came into existence at the stroke of noon on the 25th March, 421 A.D. while the Roman Empire was collapsing and the Barbarians were threatening…

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