Drink Italian is an ambitious project to promote the excellence of Italy in the Beverage Sector. The website would like to become the point of reference and a bridge between passionate consumers and the industry.

Our goal is to create a community in which Italians, Italians living abroad and Italian lovers from all over the world can share a truly authentic Italian experience!

Keeping the website on and running smoothly requires not just time but money. Writers, editors, graphic designers, video equipment, illustration supplies, software subscriptions, and web hosting are some of the few things that we have to account for in everything we do.

How You Can Help:

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    Invite your friends to join. The more, the merrier!!!
  • Consider our suggestions: We are working on creating some exclusive books and products which will be ready soon. However, in the meantime, we also share with you some products that we like. Most of them are linked to Amazon or to our website where you can buy them. If you find them interesting and you purchase them, we will receive a small commission as we are part of the Amazon Affiliate Programs and other programs.

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