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    Piemonte DOC

    Piemonte DOC is an important appellation and it takes the name of the whole region. There are no IGTs and, for this reason, it is pretty big and it allows white wines, red wines, rose’ and also sparkling wines.  We are working on this Piemonte DOC appellation description.Please come back soon.Send us an e-mail if you are looking for more info atcheers@drinkitalian.com In the meantime, if you are in the mood for a good book, you can try:– The Modern History of Italian Wine by Walter Filipputti– Hidden Gems of Italy: An Insider’s Secret Formula To Find Top-Class Italian Wines At Value Prices And Taste La Dolce Vita by Tony Margiotta Additionally, you can…



    Cortese (cor TAE sae) is one of the primary white grape varieties of the Piemonte region and is the only varietal used in Gavi di Gavi wines. It is also grown in Lombardy in the Oltrepò Pavese region and in the Veneto. Origins/history of Cortese Grape The first documented reference to Cortese was in 1614 as part of the wine cellar contents at the castle of Cassle Monferrato. Additional documentation refers to Cortese being planted alongside “Fermentino” and “Nebioli Dolci”, suggesting that the varietal has been a fundamental grape in Piemonte for centuries. Research has not determined parentage for the Cortese grape. In the Vineyard The climate is moderate in temperature…

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