• Aleatico grapes drying on the sunny Elba Island

    Elba Island, jealous guardian of an endangered vine: Aleatico

    The protagonist of this story is Aleatico and the handful of defenders of this variety are the winemakers of the beautiful island of Elba, who, with their 32 hectares, remain the major producers of this grape in Italy In 1970 there were 2120 hectares in Italy, in 2010 only 171. The future of any single grape variety in the world with these features could be considered inevitable. Fortunately, in agriculture, and especially in viticulture, values, ideals, and, above all, passion are stronger than any rule in the market. So it can happen that a territory adopts a grape to exalt its uniqueness and makes it not only a top wine…



    Aleatico is an aromatic grape of Central Italy. It is mainly cultivated in Tuscany and it is an offspring of Moscato Bianco and possibly related to Sangiovese. We are working on this Albana grape description. Please come back soon.Send us an e-mail if you are looking for more info at cheers@drinkitalian.com Two of the best books about Italian grapes, where some of this information come from, are:– Native Grapes of Italy, by Ian d’Agata– Italian Wine Unplugged, by Steve Kim Additionally, you can discover the other grapes from Tuscany.       

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