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Drink Italian Day: Celebrate the Italian Style on August 15

We are proud to announce that Drink Italian Day will be celebrated every year on August 15.

DrinkItalian is a love letter to all Italian made beverages. It was created by a group of passionate consumers and industry professionals who want to share the “La Dolce Vita” lifestyle around the world.  

Italy is well known for its wine and vineyards, exporting abroad to countries around the world, most importantly the United States. Next to domestic wine, Americans love Italian wine more than any other. Italian wine is the most imported wine by volume in the USA (Data 2019: US Dept of Commerce). 

Wine, however, is not the only Italian beverage that Americans enjoy. Unbeknownst to Americans, many of their go-to cocktails and liquors have Italian origins. For example, take the beloved Manhattan. Among the ingredients is sweet vermouth which originated in Torino, Italy. Other more well known Italian favorites include limoncello, and amaro. Not to mention the Spritz (Italian bitter mixed with Prosecco and Soda water) who is making an appearance on brunch tables all across New York City! Speaking about breakfast, as you grab your espresso or cappuccino and run to the office, thank the Italians. These coffee beverages also have a home in Italy. 

Why did we create Drink Italian Day?

August 15th is an important holiday in Italy called Ferragosto. It was named after Feriae Augusti, a festival created by Emperor Augustus as a rest day after weeks of labor in agriculture. Today it is combined with Assumption day. Putting aside its religious connotations, Ferragosto is celebrated in the middle of summer when a large number of Italians go on vacation (maybe you heard that Italians don’t usually work in August). Therefore, this day is cherished by relaxing with family and friends at the park or beach, with good food and Italian drinks. It is the perfect day to remind the world to put some Italian flavor in their life and enjoy La Dolce Vita. 

Drink Italian day was created to celebrate the Italian style, which is in all of us, with a delicious “Made in Italy” drink. It also encourages people to look for authentic Italian imported products to have a genuine taste of Italy. It’s like traveling to Italy once a year without leaving your home.

How should this day be celebrated or observed?

To celebrate this holiday all you need is to have fun with an Italian drink. It can be wine, or aperitif, or even a beer (there are a couple of options here in the states). However, your Italian drink doesn’t have to be alcoholic. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options such as a chinotto or a blood orange aranciata. Sharing the moment with your loved ones is recommended but not mandatory; self-love is enough. 

While you are toasting, make a wish that one day you will visit Italy if you’ve never been, or that you will soon return if you’ve been before. We will make sure that Italians make the same wish and you get some positive Italian vibes. By celebrating this you can be Italian for a day, or more if you like!

Drink responsibly, the key to enjoying La Dolce Vita is moderation; the drink is a compliment of the joy of being together, it is never the protagonist of the party. 

Most importantly, share the toast virtually on social media using the hashtag #DrinkItalianDay

And if you want you can tag our Instagram account @drinkitalianproject

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