Cerveteri DOC

Cerveteri DOC: It is a very interesting appellation from Lazio producing red, white, rose’ wines. White Grape isTrebbiano and Grapes are Montepulciano, Sangiovese. Bianco (Wh, WhFr, WhSw): Minimum 50% Trebbiano Toscano (locally Procanico); maximum 35% Malvasia; maximum 15% OAWG; Trebbiano (Wh): Minimum 85% Trebbiano + OAWG; Rosato (Ro, RoFr): Not specified in disciplinare, but presumably same as Rosso; Rosso (Rd, RdSw): Minimum 60% Montepulciano and/or Sangiovese (minimum 25% of each); maximum 35% Merlot; maximum 15% OARG. The Minimum alcohol level is  11.0% for Bianco, Rosato, and Rosso amabile; 11.5% for Trebbiano and Rosso secco

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Wines from Lazio - Millesima Affiliate Banner
Wines from Lazio – Millesima Affiliate Banner

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