Capri DOC

Capri DOC: It is a very interesting apellation from Campania producing red, white wines. White Grapes are Falanghina, Greco and Red Grape is Piedirosso. Bianco (Wh): Minimum 80% Falanghina and/or Greco (minimum 50% Falanghina); maximum 20% OANWG; Rosso (Rd): Minimum 80% Piedirosso + OANRG. The Minimum alcohol level is 11.0% for Bianco; 11.5% for Rosso

Piedirosso GRAPE

Region: Campagna

Quality Scale: Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Subregion of the Vesuvio DOC

The DOC region was established in 1983.  There is approximately 180 hectares under vine and production averages about 100,000 cases per year.

Wine Styles: The DOC covers many varietals and wine styles.  This reference focuses on Piedirosso only.  The DOC produces Piedirosso Rosato varietal blends (85%) and a Piedirosso varietal red wine.  The DOC is best known for the Lacryma Christi Rosso with a minimum of 50% Piedirosso, 30% maximum of Aglianico, Olivella and Sciascinoso (together or separate) and a maximum of other approved local varietals. Superiore and Riserva versions of the Lacryma are also produced.

Piedirosso is the second most planted varietal in the entire Campania region with the majority of land under vine surrounding the city of Naples.  The name signifies “red feet” as the vine has unique red coloring on the stalks.  Piedirosso is known under other names in Campania, including Streppa Rosso, Piedirosso Benventano and Piedirosso Napoletano. This varietal is very old and well established in the region.  It likely originated here on the slopes of Vesuvio where it is grown today on slopes of deep volcanic ash and lava rock.  There are significant altitude differences between the many vineyards as Piedirosso is planted at both low and high levels of the Volcano. 

Piedirosso is a vigorous varietal in the vineyard, mid ripening and well suited to the volcanic soils.  It is susceptible to peronospora but resistant to Oidium fungal disease. 

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