Moscato di Scanzo

Moscato di Scanzo is an aromatic red grape just available in a limited area in the hills around Bergamo in Lombardy. It is only used for sweet wines.

Moscato di Scanzo Grape – Origin

Moscato di Scanzo is a red grape variety of ancient origin. Mentioned
already in the 1300 century, it is thought to have been brought North
by the Romans. It only grows in the town of Scanzorosciate and is
one of Lombardy’s few D.O.C.G. wines and amongst Italy’s smallest.


Moscato di Scanzo is an aromatic red variety that has a medium sized bunch with a long pyramid shape with considerable bloom on the berries. The berries themselves are small and the skin is thin.

Viticulture (training systems)

A hearty variety that is susceptible to grey rot, it ripens at the end of
September or early October and needs to be grown high off the
ground in order to provide for ventilation around the bunches. Often a
green harvest is done and some not perfect berries are left on the
field because they can not be used for air drying.

Wine Regions in which it is cultivated

This Moscato is not the same as Moscato Nero or Aleatico, two
aromatic red grape varieties it is often confused with that grow in
other parts of Italy, the former in Piedmont and the latter in Tuscany,
Puglia and Lazio, primarily.

Wines in which it is used

It is used mainly in the Moscato di Scanzo D.O.C.G. although the nearby Moscato Passito from the Valcalepio is a similar and less expensive cousin.

Blending partners

This grape is not blended with other varieties in these wines. They
are 100% monovarietal wines.

Tasting notes

Provides a wine that is rich, ruby red in color with aromas and flavors
of berry fruit, spice and violets that combine with good acidity to
provide balanced red wines with depth and precision.
Used primarily in making sweet wines but recently some wineries are
experimenting with making dry wines.

Similar grapes

Moscato Nero di Acqui is an aromatic red grape variety that grows in
Piedmont near the town of Acqui but is less powerful and aromatic
than Moscato di Scanzo.
Brachetto d’Acqui is another red aromatic variety that grows in
Piedmont and is made into a D.O.C.G. wine. Wines can be made in a
dry or sparkling style.
Aleatico is a red aromatic variety that grows in Tuscany, Le Marche,
Umbia, Lazio and Puglia. Made into a passito on the Island of Elba
where you find Aleatico Passito d’Elba D.O.C.G.
Vernaccia Nera is an aromatic red variety that is found in Umbra and
Le Marche. It can be made into a D.O.C.G. wine in Serrapetrona, a
sparkling red appellation but it also is made into a passito wine in the
Serrapetrona D.O.C.

Noteworthy producers

There are 22 producers in the Consorzio. Apparently, the British
Royal Family still has a link to one of the producers of this interesting
wine. This is one of the smallest D.O.C.G. in Italy with only 31
hectares under vine. Many of the producers of Moscato di Scanzo
also produce wines under the Valcalepio appellation. Some
producers to try:

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