• Pinerolese DOC appellation lies around the town of Torino - Italy

    Pinerolese DOC

    Pinerolese DOC is an appellation for red and rose’ wines. It can be produced in the countryside very close to Torino around a small town called Pinerolo and also in some communes in the Cuneo province. Grapes/Blend The wines have a very wide and interesting blend. The most important rule in the Disciplinare says that the Pinerolo DOC wine must include min. 50% Barbera, Bonarda, Nebbiolo, Neretto, either singularly or together. The other 50% can be any other non-aromatic red varieties authorized in Piedmont. Pinerolese DOC Appellation’s Varietal wines The appellation allows also to have varietals driven wines. In order to be able to write the name of the variety…