Moscato di Scanzo DOCG

Moscato di Scanzo DOCG is an appellation from Lombardy made from the red Moscato di Scanzo grape. It is usually vinified in the passito style.


Apparently it has been in the area since the 1300s. A red grape, it is thought to have arrived in the area thanks to the Romans. It makes sweet wines that are rich and filled with floral notes of roses and violets. There is a  Consortium  of wine producers from this region that was created in 1993, following on the heels of a previous association of producers that was created in the 1970s. The wine got its D.O.C. in 2002 and it’s D.O.C.G. status in April 2009.
According to the Consortium’s website, Julius Caesar had a military command post in the area of Scanzo and Moscato di Scanzo was the first Italian wine to be listed on the London exchange.


100% Moscato di Scanzo

Type of wines produced

The Moscato di Scanzo DOCG Appellation is usually a Passito wine with recent experiments in producing a dry red wine

Soil and Geography

The soils are marl calcareous soils that are very friable and not fertile and are called Sass de Luna. The soil produces wines with nice mineral notes and leaves a dusty layer on the grapes. Most vines are grown at around 350 meters above sea level with a southern exposure. The microclimate here is very specific and the vines are trained high off the ground to prevent the onset of grey rot to which the plant is susceptible.

Yield production

Yields are low on this wine and the grapes are picked by hand

Ageing specification

The wine must be made with air-dried grapes, either in small baskets or dried on wooden mats. The grapes must be dried for at least 21 days but it usually takes longer and most producer dry them for between 30 to 40 days to further raisin the fruit. The wine that results has between 50-100 grams per liter of residual sugar and 4.5 grams per liter of acidity. By law, they must have at least 14% alcohol but most have 15% and above although you can’t detect it. The wine must be aged for a minimum of two years in stainless steel and then a period of time in the bottle before release.

Tasting notes – Moscato di Scanzo DOCG

The wine is deep, ruby red in color with delicious notes of cherries marinated cherries and spice.

Food pairing

This is a perfect sweet wine that could be used with blue cheeses, or dry cookies or drunk on its own. It should be served in a large glass to enhance the aromas and at 15 degrees.

Buying tips

The Moscato di Scanzo Appellation is one of the smallest DOCG in Italy. Only a small percentage of this wine is exported to the United States currently. Mostly sold in 500ml bottles, the cost is around $40 for a 500ml bottle. Once open, sweet wines last a bit longer than still wines open. A sweet red wine can be open for at least 3-5 days or a little longer in a dark cool place.

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